Clarity Wills | We announce our new Blog with a BANG
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We announce our new Blog with a BANG

We announce our new Blog with a BANG

Welcome to our blog. It’s our first excursion into the world of blogging so bear with us, we might be a bit rubbish to begin with, but be sure we will be worth sticking with.

We’ve spent the last few months reviewing and reading other Will businesses blogs and general ‘social output’. Whilst it’s pretty much all valid and helpful, it’s hard to make the subject of planning your inevitable death interesting and humorous!

We also understand that not everyone wants the subject to be looked at from a fun and light-hearted perspective, and that’s ok. Our view however is that life is too short, and if we can be professional and functional whilst providing great advice, and at the same time keep one eye on doing that in a comfortable and human way, then everyone wins.

You can expect a combination of information about Wills and death and preparing for it in general, loads of interesting facts and figures and a helping of unusual stories and articles. For example, our next blog will bring you a series of weird and wonderful things that you can do with your ashes, from being turned into a firework through to becoming a tree.

Look out for our regular blogs and please feel free to get in touch with any comments and suggestions.

The CW Team.